Pre/Post Whitening Instructions


Don't Brush or Floss your teeth within 5 hours before your appointment for best results!  Instead, you may use a soft cloth with toothpaste to clean your teeth... just don't floss or use a toothbrush before whitening. Why? Vigorous brushing prior to whitening could cause microscopic scratches on the gum tissue that could lead to sensitivity so to avoid this possibility - just don't use a toothbrush!


Eat/Drink Before Your Appointment as you may only drink water (no food) for two hours following your whitening session... so don't come hungry!  Feel free to drink coffee before as well!


Drink Plenty of Water Only for 2 hours following whitening and for the rest of that day to avoid any sensitivity - rehydrating is important!! 

Avoid Eating Dark Colored Food or Drink after your whitening session for about 24 hours. For example, NO coffee*, tea*, red wine, dark soda, colored sports drinks, fruit juice, blueberries, beets, curry, spinach, spaghetti sauce, ketchup, salsa, red meat, or anything with heavy color.  Say YES to water, white wine, 7up, milk,  cereals, white chicken, pork, turkey, noodles, white sauce/pasta, white cheese, potatoes, bananas etc. after two hours.   *If you need your coffee or tea fix within the 24-hour timeframe - using a straw is recommended.

Don't Smoke or Chew Tobacco for a minimum of at least 2 hours after whitening.  The longer you wait the better to avoid restaining your teeth.

You May Brush After Your Whitening, but for the next 48 hours use a white toothpaste and try to avoid brushing gums.   Avoid using an 'extreme' whitening toothpaste and do not use a baking soda-based toothpaste.  We recommend a gentle toothpaste like Sensodyne, for example.

And Last But Not Least...

Smile Often and Enjoy Your New 

Glorious Smile!