Teeth Whitening Services

...GIMME A BOOST!   $79  
Includes ONE 20-min LED light session.   For those who have whitened before and just desire a quick maintenance booster treatment! Achieve up to average  3-5  shades whiter.*
Allow 40-min for this appointment.
WHITEN UP!!   $99 
Includes TWO back-to-back LED light treatments.   The first treatment removes basic surface stains and second treatment removes deeper penetrated stains.  Achieve up to average 6-10 shades whiter.*
Allow 70-min for this appointment
A  Complete Treatment!  Includes THREE back-to-back LED light treatments to achieve your ultimate  white!  This treatment is typically necessary for heavily stained teeth.  Achieve up to average 8-12 shades whiter.* 
Allow 80-min for this appointment

*Everyone's teeth respond differently and have their own natural "stop" point for whitening results.  Individual results will vary based on current tooth shade, composite material and treatment time.  The treatment will remove stains from existing dental work (ie. caps, veneers, etc.),  but will not whiten them beyond their original color.  You may choose up to three back-to-back LED light sessions in one appointment to achieve your personal whitest white.   

Whiten with a friend at the same time and SAVE on any treatment!

Includes TWO Whiten Up Treatments for TWO When Booked For the Same Appointment Time - Add $10/per person for 3 light sessions

Couples Special $170

We Offer Offsite Mobile Group Events!

We offer special group prices tailored to your needs for offsite events.  Package services available at our studio or your site - we are mobile! Gyms/Spas, Bridal Parties, Prom, Dance & Cheerleading Teams, Senior Photos, White Parties, Corporate Events, Family Portraits and Fundraisers.  Call for package pricing that suits your special event!  Call Lori Ann, Owner (916) 220-7700