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Teeth Whitening Services

Handsome man smiling with a teeth whitening light pointed to his teeth

Includes ONE 20-min LED light session. Typically, for those who have whitened before or whiten at home and just desire a quick maintenance booster treatment! Achieve up to average  2-4  shades whiter.*
Allow 40 min

Most Popular

beautiful blonde woman smiling with white teeth
WHITEN UP!! $115

Includes TWO back-to-back LED light treatments.   The first treatment removes basic surface stains and second treatment removes deeper penetrated stains. Achieve up to average 5-8 shades whiter.*
Allow 1hr 10 min 
Beautiful woman with white teeth smiling

A  Complete Treatment!  Includes THREE back-to-back LED light treatments to achieve your ultimate whitest!  This treatment is typically necessary for heavily stained teeth. Achieve up to average 7-10 shades whiter.* 
Allow 1hr 30 min          

Optional Treatment ADD-ONS

Desensitizing Treatment - A pre-whitening treatment typically used for those that feel their teeth are "extra sensitive".  Replenishes the teeth with vital minerals that strengthen enamel and helps to eliminate tooth sensitivity and decalcification. Allow 10 min extra for this treatment.
Add-On $25
NEW!!!  Teeth Shield - A post-whitening treatment designed as a dual purpose, tooth sealant and sparkle.  Eliminates post-whitening 24-hour "wait time" to consume dark colored food and beverage! Allow 10 min extra for this treatment.  
Add-On $25

*Everyone's teeth respond differently and have their own natural "stop" point for whitening results.  Individual results will vary based on current tooth shade, composite material and treatment time.  The treatment will remove stains from existing dental work (ie. caps, veneers, etc.),  but will not whiten them beyond their original color.  You may choose up to three back-to-back LED light sessions in one appointment to achieve your personal whitest potential.   

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