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Testimonials From Our Glorious Clients

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Beautiful young Glorious Smile Teeth Whitening Client Smiling

"I had my teeth whitened with Lori's system, and the whiteness and brilliance was really noticeable right away!  I am extremely happy with my results, and especially with the lack of pain or sensitivity.  I normally have a LOT of sensitivity, and with this system I have experienced NONE!  Lori's careful attention to detail and excellent products really made a noticeable difference - both visually and the lack of pain made it all the more enjoyable!  I have referred several friends and clients to her as I am confident that there is no one that couldn't benefit from this type of treatment!"

- Tara  - Professional Hair Stylist - Folsom, California

Beautiful woman Glorious Smile Natural Teeth Whitening Client Flight Attendant

"I had the pleasure of having Lori whiten my teeth last month in Folsom.   I'm a big fan of teeth whitening, but always dreaded the sensitivity that accompanied the procedure.  I had absolutely ZERO sensitivity!!! Specifically, I appreciated Lori following up with me the next day.  I will be scheduling with her again in the future."

- Patty  - Flight Attendant - El Dorado Hills, California

Beautiful Client Glorious Smile Teeth Whitening

"I was a little skeptical whether Lori's product would be effective on a few veneers, but I was pleasantly surprised with my results!  I chose to have the complete one-hour treatment and was amazed at the difference!  Not only did I improve by many shades, but also the luminosity of my teeth was clearly noticeable right away.  I would definately recommend Glorious Smile by Lori to anyone who is looking for excellent results in teeth whitening at a very reasonable cost!  Besides the great results, an added "bonus" is the wonderful vibrating massage chair while whitening under the light - I wanted to take one home with me!"

- Melanie  - Business Owner - El Dorado Hills, California

Beautiful Smiling Woman
Handsome young man smilingg Glorious Smile Teeth Whitening Client Testimonial

"I had a wonderful, successful and relaxing experience whitening my teeth with Lori.  This is the first time I have actually tried whitening my teeth without using strips or dental trays.  Not only is the product superior that Lori uses, but I also much preferred sitting in her massage chair and relaxing for a short time rather than the old messy and tedious way of whitening.  Lori carefully explains every product and step that she uses so there are no surprises or concerns.  After only one session, it was unbelievable how much whiter my teeth became.  I plan on becoming a regular customer several times a year to maintain my beautiful white teeth.  No more drinking coffee or red wine through a straw to minimize staining!  I highly recommend Lori and her professional teeth whitening system to anyone.  You will not be disappointed."

- Robin  - Attorney - Folsom, California


"Due to poor dental hygiene habits developed during college, my teeth had not been white for years. In just one hour, Glorious Smile put the pearly white back on my teeth and I could not be happier with the results!  This product is a must-have for anyone looking to brighten up their smile."

Parker  - Student UCLA - Los Angeles, California

Beautiful fresh-faced young woman smiling Glorious Smile Teeth Whitening Client

"We had such a great experience with Lori!  My 17-year-old daughter, Ciara, has always been uncomfortable and self-conscious of the color of her teeth.  The atmosphere was very inviting and Lori made Ciara feel really comfortable.  She explained everything in detail to Ciara and I.  I specifically love that there are no chemicals being used.  Ciara loves her teeth.  She has more confidence in her smile.  She has a lot of pictures taken of her because she's on the Vista del Lago High School dance team, and having her teeth whiter has given her so much more confidence.  Thanks to Lori, we had a great experience and I would refer anyone to her!!"

- Tamara - Paralegal - Folsom, California

Handsome young man smiling Glorious Smile Client Testimonial

Thanks Lori. I had a blast! You were a lot of fun, had great energy and I really enjoyed my experience. See you soon.

- Blake - Corporate Director - San Francisco, California

Beautiful Smiling woman with a photo Smile Always in backgroud

I visited Lori's studio for teeth whitening and received more than I'd bargained for.  The relaxing spa-like environment and the incredible massaging chairs made time fly by.  I received more than I had thought possible!   I bumped up many shades and found it hard not to smile the whole way home!  I would highly recommend Lori's whitening service!  I am extremely happy with the results!  Thanks again, Lori!

Tracey - Flight Attendant - El Dorado Hills, CA

Handsome middle-aged man with bright smile

While doing a search for teeth whitening for myself I came across Glorious Smile out of Folsom, CA.  At the time they were running a promotional price which I took advantage of.  I  couldn't have been happier with the experience and the results far exceeded my expectations in a clean, comfortable setting (unlike the mall experience) with a very professional technician.

Jeff - Professional Landscape Architect, Elk Grove, CA

Young Couple man and woman smiling with white teeth

I surprised my boyfriend with the "Couples Teeth Whitening"  for his birthday.  It was such a wonderful experience!  Our results were incredible, instant, and completely pain free,  Neither of us had any sensitivity to follow.  Lori made us feel very comfortable.  She explained the process and product in detail.  It was nice to learn that she uses an all-natural product.  My teeth were not sensitive after and neither were my boyfriend's.  Lori even made it a romantic and relaxing experience.  She dimmed the lights, turned on the massage chairs and played music.  My boyfriend and I held hands while waiting for our enhanced smiles to process.  We had an event that evening and we got so many compliments on our white teeth without people even knowing we had whitened them that day.  This is a great thing to do with your partner to have fun and be pampered together.  We will both definitely be back.  I highly recommend Lori's teeth whitening whether you bring your loved one along or just want to do it for yourself!

Melissa - Communication Coordinator. Sacramento State University 

Young adult man smiling with white teeth

I had the pleasure of getting my teeth whitenened by Lori and it was an uncomparable experience.  The office was very clean and she made sure I was comfortable and informed every step of the way.  The massage chairs and music were very soothing - I napped through most of my whitening.  I had been smoking unfiltered cigarettes for awhile and she was able to noticeably whiten my teeth several shades.  I have an event coming up and I am so happy with the results. Thanks again, Lori

Dylan - Psychology Intern, Sacramento, California

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